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goats cheese canapes


Let's get this yummy party started! Browse our favourite starter recipes.

Beetroot 3 ways


Side order of yumminess anyone? Sides can often be case aside... but not these.

Steamed plaice fish dish


It's time for the show-stopper, the filler-upper... the MAIN course.

Food Something Yummy 16


Everything in life can be sweet, especially these yummy desserts.

Ready for something yummy?

My name is Paul and I have a huge passion for food, so much so, I decided to make this website to share my recipes, methods, food combinations and ideas with anyone who is interested in reading it! I’m also preparing my own cookbook (maybe even a range of them… who knows) and plan to publish this in the near future.

Supper Clubs

We hold monthly supper clubs which are themed on specific diets or cuisines, it’s a great way to try food you might not have been able to taste before; as well as an opportunity to meet interesting people!

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goats cheese canapes


Beautiful colours and flavours, browse through these easy-to-prepare recipes.

Beetroot 3 ways

Low Carb

Sometimes the belly fat has to go... but this doesn't mean it can't be yummy!

Steamed plaice fish dish


You won't find any animal products here, just veg! Our favourite vegan recipes.

Food Something Yummy 16

Gluten Free

Can't have pasta or bread...? Don't worry, it can still be super yummy!

MY favourites

Throughout my culinary journey I've grown to love many ingredients, but these specific recipes are very close to my heart.

Yummy Testimonials

the beautiful Isle of Wight

It’s always been my dream to move to the beautiful Isle of Wight with my family. It’s such a tranquil place (and an award winning one too… having recently won ‘Tourism Destination of the Year’ from the BBC).

I’m now fortunate to fulfil my dream, I love going fishing on the white-chalk coasts and use the local ingredients for the dishes I describe on this website.