Seared Scallop with honey, chorizo and kale

These are so good, this recipe is for a canape, but you can easily change it to make a gorgeous starter – just use 3 whole scallops and make more of the mixture. Sweet and salty with the crunch of the Kale, these are proper yummy little things and you will want more and more of them.

This recipie serves 4 canapes


  • 2 scallops, halved
  • Chorizo – about 3 inch
  • Curly kale – 100g stalks removed
  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Rapeseed oil



Cut the scallops in half and brush with the oil and season with salt.

Finely chop chorizo and place in a tray in a hot oven (220c) for 5-6 mins until crispy. Set aside

Finely chop the kale (stalks removed) and place in a food bag with 1 tablespoon oil, salt and pepper. Mix together. Place on a baking tray in a hot oven (220c) for 5-6 mins or it goes crispy. Set aside

Heat a small frying pan and place the scallops in. Cook for 90 seconds on one side and 60 seconds the other. Remove from pan and rest.

Heat the chorizo in a pan (with oil) and squeeze in a tablespoon of honey. Stir together.

To serve, place the kale on the serving spoon(dish), then the scallop and finally spoon over the chorizo honey mix.


So, if you have just made these little yummy things, you will know how easy and quick they are to make, chances are you will have wanted more than just one! Its easy to make this into a yummy starter – just make more of them and cook the scallop whole!

Find this and similar recipes here:Canapes

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