Something Yummy

About Mr Yummy

So, This is Me, Paul – 44 years young living on the beautiful Isle of Wight, with my beautiful wife and 3 amazing children, Raven aged (16), William (8) and Charlotte (5).

I have a huge passion for food, so much so, I decided to make this website to share my recipes, methods, food combinations and ideas with anyone who is interested in reading it! I’m also preparing my own cookbook (maybe even a range of them who knows) and plan to publish this in the near future.

I love creating dishes of my own, my own recipes, my own food. I love cooking for people, my wife, my kids, my family, my friends – in fact anyone! It relaxes me, it lets me explore my creative side and gives me the opportunity to express myself in my food and make it really yummy.

It has to be seasonal and local food where possible – too many foods are eaten throughout the year that are flown in from all over the world when they don’t grow here, that’s so wrong in my opinion. Of course there are some products that never grow her,e but do we need to eat strawberries from Egypt in January? Or wait for our amazing English grown strawberries?

From fine dining to take away replicas, tapas, family favourites, quick suppers and even yummy sandwiches, I love all sorts of cooking and on here you will find my own recipes, with ingredients, step by step pictures and easy to follow instructions for you to make yourself at home.

Some people are scared to cook – or don’t have the confidence, but it’s easy, easy to create amazing food that doesn’t have to cost the earth, exciting to create dishes, use ingredients you may never have used before and… a lot cheaper and healthier than eating out!

I post randomly, it all depends on my mood, what I’m cooking at home and what dishes I’m working on for the first cookbook and of course my practicing for my popular supper clubs. I’m also going to do send recipes out weekly to my subscribers – it’s free to join and you will receive at least 2 recipes a week via email, you just need to sign up below.

Any recipe suggestions welcome – any ingredients/food you love and would like me to create a dish for you – I would love to do that so just let me know.