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Supper Clubs

An Intimate Social Soiree for Foodies

Calling all food enthusiasts! The Dining Room supper club is more than a dining experience; it’s a celebration of shared interests and passions. Imagine an evening gathered around a table, engaging in lively conversations, and forging new connections whilst indulging in fine food and favourite wine. Our supper clubs are a haven for foodies who relish not only remarkable meals but also the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals.

A Tasting Adventure

Each Supper Club unveils a one-off tantalizing tasting menu that pushes boundaries and redefines flavours. Embark on a culinary journey that pays homage to the beauty of our island’s flavours. Our resident chef, the talented Paul Thorley, channels his passion for local ingredients into crafting tasting menus that are as diverse as they are delectable. Paul sources the freshest seasonal produce locally to ensure each dish is a masterpiece of taste and texture.

Drawing inspiration from his experience as a private chef for intimate events and hosting supper clubs in his own home for the past five years, Paul ensures his menus are a fusion of innovation and tradition.

You’ll discover the inviting atmosphere of our intimate dining room, where every guest feels like an old friend. Setting the stage for an evening of culinary exploration and meaningful connections.

The Venue

The Dining Room, Gurnard’s most anticipated rendezvous for those who cherish both fine food and fantastic company. Nestled in the heart of Gurnard, this new and exclusive private dining venue promises an evening of delectable delights, relaxed yet attentive service and great company.

Your Evening Your Way

We believe in making memories as unique as your palate. Bring along your favourite bottle of wine or tipple to complement the feast. Our thoughtfully selected glassware, ample ice, and wine coolers ensure that your chosen drink is served in style. For your convenience, we provide both sparkling and still water to keep the conversation flowing and the glasses clinking.


A Toast to New Friends and Memorable Evenings


Our supper clubs take place on select Friday evenings, ensuring your weekend begins with a burst of flavour and fellowship. Embrace the joy of savouring locally sourced, seasonal cuisine in the company of like-minded people. With a single table seating up to sixteen guests, our events fill up quickly, so don’t miss the chance to be part of this unforgettable dining experience.

Supper Club Review

What can we say about Paul’s supper club food? Quite a lot actually!

I have had the privilege and pleasure of being a regular attendee at Paul Thorley’s Something Yummy Supper Clubs and every time, Paul has managed to surpass expectations.

For me there is nothing better than seeing a beautifully presented plate of food offered up and then when eating, having the taste and texture measure up to the visual style. Whether cooking traditional English recipes or more exotic styles of meals, Paul has always conjured up not just a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

All of Paul’s cooking comes from the heart. He genuinely enjoys the process of researching his ingredients and recipes and the anticipation of watching his guests faces as they sit down and tuck in. Paul always buys locally and firmly believes in the concept of local is best. He regularly showcases local produce whether fish, meat or vegetables and the fact that he has suppliers offering their produce to him for free to create something with and put up on his Something Yummy website is a massive testament to both his cooking and him as a person.

I would recommend anyone who has a chance to join in at one of Paul’s supper clubs to do so, but not at the expense of my seat at the table!

Peter Robins

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I always use produce that’s in season, I believe that there is a reason it's in season, so it’s the best produce to use at that time. Also local is vital to me, the island is blessed with some of the worlds best locally sourced, grown and produced products.
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