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I first launched my “at home” supper clubs when I lived in Yorkshire a few months before moving to the Isle of Wight.
As I love cooking so much, creating new things, recipes, dishes etc I wanted to be able to try these on people I didn’t know, not my family or friends who may give me biased feedback, but to people who didn’t know me, who were paying for it and of course, loved their food.

What are they?

Being totally honest I never expected them to be as popular as they are, but every one I’ve ever done has sold out in less than a day and I’ve now got people asking to go on a waiting list. The feedback is staggering and very humbling.

These are currently held at my home and for 10 people, which my son helps me by serving the food, water and any drinks my guests have bought with them (we serve chilled and flavoured still and sparkling water, and guests bring their own wine or drinks which we also serve).

People love the intimacy and I suppose the randomness of sitting in my dining room, while I cook in the pen kitchen and engage with them, they all sit around one table and it’s a mixed group of people, some know each other and some don’t. Some of the conversations around the table have been amazing to hear, different people from different jobs, backgrounds talking away over food. I love it.

The menu

Recently I have started doing corporate supper clubs, where businesses have bought their staff to enjoy an evening of fine dining – sometimes they ask for menu input on these – sometimes they leave it to me – which I prefer. I feel these will get more and more popular now as people can see the quality of the food and value they get. I always invite constructive feedback – it’s great for my development – I strive for perfection and these supper clubs have definitely helped my skills and cooking improve.

So what are my supper clubs? Well this is the last menu which will give you an idea of what you get:

Supper Club Review

What can we say about Paul’s supper club food? Quite a lot actually!

I have had the privilege and pleasure of being a regular attendee at Paul Thorley’s Something Yummy Supper Clubs and every time, Paul has managed to surpass expectations.

For me there is nothing better than seeing a beautifully presented plate of food offered up and then when eating, having the taste and texture measure up to the visual style. Whether cooking traditional English recipes or more exotic styles of meals, Paul has always conjured up not just a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

All of Paul’s cooking comes from the heart. He genuinely enjoys the process of researching his ingredients and recipes and the anticipation of watching his guests faces as they sit down and tuck in. Paul always buys locally and firmly believes in the concept of local is best. He regularly showcases local produce whether fish, meat or vegetables and the fact that he has suppliers offering their produce to him for free to create something with and put up on his Something Yummy website is a massive testament to both his cooking and him as a person.

I would recommend anyone who has a chance to join in at one of Paul’s supper clubs to do so, but not at the expense of my seat at the table!

Peter Robins

Ready to book?

I always use produce that’s in season, I believe that there is a reason it's in season, so it’s the best produce to use at that time. Also local is vital to me, the island is blessed with some of the worlds best locally sourced, grown and produced products. To find out more about upcoming super clubs and to book yourself in, please fill-in the form below.