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Yummy Box Menu 1st July
paul thorley

Paul Thorley

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A lot of people ask me “what are your favourite dishes you like to eat” and the truth is I have many.

When I go out for a meal I always look for fresh seafood. I also love anything BBQ and I also love cakes, puddings (dessert if you are in the south). Savouries too – sausage rolls are my all time favourite food 🙂

The most important thing to me is flavour. If I’m eating lemon curd – I want it to taste of zingy lemon. If I’m having a red pepper sauce – well you have guessed it. People can make the best looking food in the world, but if the taste isn’t there – what’s the point. Food is about flavour!

When choosing a menu I have to think about how the food will taste, look and of course reheat when I’ve placed it in the dishes and chilled to deliver to you, so I’m restricted in a way from certain dishes.

However, For my next Yummy Box I’m going to put in 3 of my personal favourite dishes that I’ve created and I’m looking forward to doing this – as of course I get to taste them along the way!

So as usual a freshly baked mini sharing loaf, but I’m going to whip up some butter and use garlic farm “black garlic” which has a sweet taste and is incredible in the butter.

To start we have one of my own recipes. Using green barn goats cheese from Yarmouth, I’m making you an incredibly yummy goats cheese cheesecake with beetroot done 3 ways – a beetroot jelly, roasted beetroot and a beetroot and balsamic puree. The sharpness of the balsamic goes so well with the goats cheese, as does the sweetness of the beetroot. Mmmm

Main course (meat) is using Isle of Wight Meat Company short beef rib. Such an under used cut of meat – often called Jacobs ladder – the flavour is incredible. The beef itself is from cows grazing near to the needles and then salt aged at the butcher to get the full flavour. This is slow cooked in stock, red wine and glazed with Garlic farm hoisin sauce. It’s so good and I have done this dish before in a Yummy box and a lot of people have asked for it again.

The vegetarian option is using the same method, but using aubergines (grown by the Tomato Stall) fresh peppers and IOW mushrooms to get amazing flavour.
Both served with flavoured rice, tender stem broccoli and optional yummy pots of fresh red chilli, coriander and spring onion.

Dessert is my all time favourite “pudding” (I’m from Yorkshire). I used to work in Bakewell and fell in love with the frangipane taste of the original bakewell pudding years ago. I’m making a take on a bakewell Tart – a cherry and frangipane tart using Godshill cherries, with an almond brittle and a cherry coulis – served with Briddlesfords farm clotted cream. I’m absolutely going to make spares of this so i get some too.

Then a little treat for you – lets see what that is !

Oh, and not to mention, our collaboration with Wight and Wessex Wines, who very week pair two excellent value restaurant quality wines to go with the starter and the main courses. Details will be emailed to you following placing your order.

All this for £25 per person!…Delivered to your door

Click here to order

(please advise any allergies or dietary requirements)

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